The Rain and Elusive Mink.

I went to move my paints this morning and saw that one of my drawings had fallen off the wall and sliced my dried hornet right in half! The hornet had fallen out of my lamp the other day when I went to turn it on, perfectly poised but dried to a crisp. I’d been keeping it for drawing material. After I took the photo I looked inside its body but then felt a bit odd about the whole thing and threw it outside.

It rained for most of the day and when it stopped I took the opportunity to go for a walk to the pond. It’s very easy to walk through the forest unnoticed after a rain fall. The leaves, soaking wet and soft, absorb every footstep. The only sounds in the bush are indistinguishable – maybe water falling off the trees or Elusive Mink sneaking around? My favourite moment is when I take a few steps down the embankment to the pond and everything grows silent. The waves cease to echo and the highway fades away. It’s here that I’m always looking for Elusive Mink. I keep hearing stories about how there are so many on Ward’s Island, and how they’re devouring the fish ponds, scaring cats and small children and probably eating dogs. I’m determined to see one of these tiny little predator powerhouses. No sightings today. Just a lot of wood chips and pointed tree trunks scattered around from Confused Beaver.  CB chews all over the place in random, slightly confusing locations (like not even close to water sometimes?) and he lives in a mysterious dam that no one has seen. Come to think of it, I don’t know that anyone’s ever seen the beaver himself.

I was really still by the water for a few moments and started to notice that fish were coming to the surface of the water in small groups, making little bubbles and splashing noises. While watching this I discovered the fish skeleton that I saw the other day had been demolished (Mink!?) and it was all over the place. The whole shore looked like someone threw confetti made of fish bones up in the air. While inspecting some of the leftover fish vertebrae I noticed a chunk of jaw bone, teeth and all. I couldn’t (and still can’t) figure out what animal it is. I took it home and put it on my Shelf of Beautiful Things and promptly washed my hands.



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