Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Wise words from Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Let it be known: I’m not one for stringent resolutions implemented on new years day. I believe that one should live always in moderation and take careful consideration when making grandiose plans that change that. So much pressure is placed on oneself when you restrict things at the beginning of a new year! New years are for reflecting and bathing in the warm thoughts and memories from the previous year. Perhaps taking into account some of the lessons learned and what not to do next time, and daydreaming of what is to come for the next three hundred sixty days… I digress. I’ve never been the type to jump into the gym on the first of January. Did you know that gyms have a massive new intake for the first three weeks of the year, and then it settles down to perhaps less than at the end of the previous year after that short time? Not surprising, but surprising that no one is learning from it. All I can resolve to do is live with a few more good intentions. I’d like to practice more patience with my parents, as each year I spend with them is one more year they grow older and possibly more irritating (although greater parts caring and thoughtful). I’ll be wary of my online presence and spend less time wandering around meaningless websites and more time wandering around in real life. I’ll be thinking of more faces than Facebook and bury my fingers in paint and paper so they won’t point at others. I’ll offer my eyes to look inwards and upwards and I’ll continue to write down my dreams and tie together threads into webs of a contingency plan.

Maybe you’ll do something similar? Out with grandeur. In with simplicity.


Whatcha thinkin?

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