The Real McCall’s

I’m making a dress from scratch from a real pattern for the FIRST TIME EVER. I’ll either be the most envied girl when this thing is done, or I’ll be the one that everyone sort of wonders why she doesn’t have any friends that would tell her that the dress looks like a pile of discarded wrinkled linen. Let’s hope for the best, ya?

In other news: I’ve finally opened an Etsy shop (very empty right now, but “favourite me” to keep an eye on things), I’m moving back to Toronto Island this week and thus hunkering down to get my hands both full of dirt, sand, paint and wine.

I’ve added a few new links to the side bar —-> go look. Most exciting is Sauce Farm‘s new blog. If you are interested in both vintage clothing and how to preserve things and make fancy drinks from flowers, they’re your girls.

Over and out!


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