If I had a cloud for a face I’d look like this.

It’s that time of year again. When the cottonwood trees shed their puffy balls of seeds into the air and it looks like it’s perpetually snowing all over the island. The steps are covered, it’s speckled over our clothes and stuck on our screens. Even the cat has cotton feet these days. At nighttime it takes on a  more magical quality, silently drifting through the air catching the light as it whips around in the breeze. I saw an anti-cottonwood Facebook group pop up recently, advocating banning the tree in Toronto due to allergies. Oh what people do with their spare time…


The robins haven’t been singing as close to my bedroom window as usual, and thus I’ve been sleeping in past seven thirty. I don’t mind because the last week has been ridiculously busy and quite frankly I’m burnt out! I struggle with the feeling of not accomplishing enough. But there are big plans underway. We’re not touring tonnes this summer (just a few festivals with FCL and the KASHKA single) and so it sort of feels like I am on vacation from work. In a way. July will be amazing. Lots of time for artmaking, sculpture building, collaborating friends and bonfires…and relaxing (if I let myself).  Last night I spent a few hours just painting and tidying up the studio, and today I’ve spent the morning editing images for a series of prints.

(sketch of my friend Emily petting her sweet-as-all-honey kittycat.)

The sun is shining, we’re well overdue for rain, and the lake is slowly (slowly!) warming up. It’s the first day of summer; the longest day of the year. Change feels like it’s in the wind, blowing in with the cotton…


Whatcha thinkin?

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