My Oh Monday (On Wednesday now? Jeez.)

I’ll try harder for next Monday. Weekly recap,  go:

1. The Heat Wave 

I couldn’t write anything about last week without mentioning the extreme heat that blanketed  a lot of North America. Holy smokes, Toronto was boiling. Even on the island it was a scorcher and I felt the most strange hot breeze blowing across the lake. The local newspaper forecast read almost as fiction; same temperature  in Toronto and Cairo, Egypt. Whaaat? Records were broken everywhere, people perspired and probably got angry/ragey/etc on their way to work but we survived. I wanted to find a video of some goof talking about their crazy experience with the heat wave, but decided against it after watching this [link] and thus please enjoy the video of swans keeping their babies cool.

2. RIP Amy Winehouse

I wish she’d found the help she needed sooner.

3. Jack Layton’s Temporary Leave from Parliament

No no no! I am terribly saddened to hear that Jack Layton (for you non-Canadians he is the leader of the NDP party and the official opposition) has been struck with another cancer. It broke my heart. Something about Jack makes me feel hope for the future of Canada and he always radiates positivity;  smiling constantly. Much of our families and friends have been touched by cancer and it so often feels both insurmountable and isolating. I can’t fathom dealing with such a personal illness as a public, let alone political, spectacle. I want Jack Layton to get better and my heart and thoughts are with him in this time of need.

Think good thoughts and keep smiling Jack, like here on the Hour, in your hearts for a swift recovery.

Short and sweet this week because I want to post some drawings etc. Forcing myself to blog is hard…


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