New KASHKA EP – pre-order it now for $2!

Exciting news! I worked on some top-secret (sorta) songs over the winter with my friend and collaborator James Bunton and now some of them are ready to be born. Read below for the official press release from Play the Triangle.


Play the Triangle is please to release a new online-only EP from KASHKA, the ongoing side project of Kat Burns. The EP, entitled LLANOS, will be release on Burns’ imprint on August 2nd, through and will be backed with “No Way Around It” with producer/collaborator James Bunton duetting with Burns on the track. The album download will also include a remixed version of the title track.

A series of videos will be release over the next month.

About the project:

KASHKA is the ongoing project of Kat Burns, most well known as the force behind Forest City Lovers, a wistful folk pop outfit out of Canada. KASHKA is the ship that sails wayward songs into the ears of the unknowing. The vessel that carries melodies that don’t seemingly fit within the folk-pop realm, yet still manage to strike an emotional chord in the listener. Sometimes dancey, sometimes minimal and stripped down. All of it a personal exploration of words and sound from an ever evolving songwriter. KASHKA is often a collaborative effort, with recorded production by James Bunton (Ohbijou, Light Fires) and live assistance from Chantale Renee (Touch My Stereotype).

Play the Triangle (Burns’ online imprint since 2005) released a a digital only EP called ORNICO in the winter of 2010 and is proud to present “LLANOS” in summer 2011, a prelude to the eventual release of a full length recording entitled VICHADA.


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