Moved houses, got a haircut and learned how to knit.

I’ve been on a secret quest to learn how to do things that were traditionally fostered by the lady-likes in a community. Recently I sewed a dress from a pattern for the first time (the whole way through!) and today I learned how to knit. I’ve never caught onto knitting, and I quite often envied my bandmate who used our cross Canada trips to create beautiful scarves in the van while I just stared out the window. But now I can do that too! My mother tried (I think?) to show me when I was a kid but, being the know-it-all that I am, I probably frustrated her beyond belief after lesson one. A few friends have tried to show me in the last couple years but I have had difficulty, being lefty/ambi, mirroring them or catching on. Maybe the beautiful after glow of Saturday’s full moon cast some magic on my hands because I caught on really fast when my friend Mara showed me today. Look at what I’ve accomplished! More than one row, not that many screw ups and it’s a nice colour that apparently “goes with my hair”.

Now I can knit the winter away while I watch episodes of 90210 with my dear friend (and flatmate again) Liz. We just recently started living together again after about a year of living separately. That means that my DVD collection has instantly become gigantic and I’ve gained a kitten. And, if you ever read Liz’s blog [click click], it means that we will be eating a lot of delicious food and there will never be a shortage of jam or pickles in the house.

I also cut off all my hair again last week. It feels good to have hair that actually looks like I style it, even though I just wash it. I like that there is a secret way of cutting hair that makes it lay just so. Here’s me saying hello just before I head off to a wedding.

This weekend there’s a Forest City Lovers video shoot in the ‘burbs and that means I get to have a fam-jam with the parents. Maybe I’ll bring some knitting needles….

p.s. I’ve been slowly but surely updating this Etsy shop I have… maybe take a peek? [click click]


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