Always with the horses.

I dreamt it was morning. I was in Los Angeles. I walked down to the bus station and met up with my friend B. He was going to take me to the city. Inside the bus station, we boarded a boat that was docked in a small canal. When the boat started moving I noticed it was being driven by three giant horses. They were calm and majestic, and it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Two grey and white speckled and another darker one. While we were motoring across the water I said to my friend, “I always forget horses have toes!”. We laughed. They were controlling the boat, standing on all fours, with four large toes protruding from each hoof. They steered and flicked switches with ease. We travelled over the water for an hour or so until we reached the border gate. It was then I realised that I had left my passport in LA. There was no way to turn back and the boat glided into the channel leading up to the border guard. I came up with a plan that my friend B could get in touch with my friend E and get him to bring my passport out. B couldn’t find his number in his phone, so I dictated it to him. The phone was ringing when I realised that E wasn’t even in LA. I woke up before I had to explain anything to the border guard.

Why horses? It’s always horses with some strange shit on their feet. In other news, I am actually in LA and it’s pretty great. For a town that is known for shallow-fame-seeking people, I have met many very nice, genuine and gentle people. Don’t believe the hype, y’know? Navigating the transit system here is something else all together. Everyone has cars so the busses are terribly late, almost all the time.

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of September 11th. I’m in the US so there is a pretty intense vibe underlying all the billboards and television specials. I watched a video about kids that were born that day while their fathers died in the towers. It was so heartbreaking to watch these ten year old kids earnestly talking about someone they’d never met. They were all struggling to build memories of their fathers. It was so sad! [link]


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