Crafts, KASHKA and pro-crasti-packing

I’m about to say goodbye to November in Toronto, as I pack up and head out on tour again with Forest City Lovers. I’ll be in the western part of this giant country. Please say hello if you see me! I’ve been procrasinating on the packing- I seem to pack best at the last minute- and spent the morning sewing. I reworked a dress from a video we did a while [clicky] into a cute skirt and added a pocket made of this fantastic heavy cotton printed with plants and birds that I thrifted a while ago. It’s the first time I have done something like this, but I think it turned out pretty well! Whatcha think?

I’ve been trolling the internet trying to find inspiration for new dressed and skirts to make. I seem to always return to this great Burda [clicky] site because they not only have great photos of finished products, but they have free patterns that you can download and print at home. Great idea! I love days like this. Sometimes I wish that I could just spend all the days of autumn months cosied up in my apartment writing, sewing, reading and playing my guitar. One day, one day.

While I am cosied up in my apartment, there are still hundreds of people camped out in a Toronto park for the “Occupy” movement. I respect the determination of the crowd -they really are roughing it- but I’m concerned that the right people aren’t getting the message. As other camps across the country get shut down, I hope that the message (fighting against financial disparity) gets across before the Toronto one is disassembled. Everyone should be able to pay their bills, am I right? If you pass by your local Occupy movement, make sure to give them a wave.

In other news, there is a KASHKA show tomorrow. I’m opening for a pretty great artist called Adeline at the El Macambo for her cd release. One of her songs was just in Grey’s Anatomy last night, don’t-cha-know. If you’re in Toronto c’mon out? [Facebook invite]

On the topic of KASHKA, I have a song featured on a winter-themed compilation that is out now [clicky] called A Moose in a Maple Tree AND you should go purchase it because it supports great charities and has a matching book.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, chers lecteurs!


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