Will winter ever come?

Cher Mme Hiver,

Année dernière I was living on Toronto Island, working away in a beautiful lakeside studio and staring out at the lagoon every morning. This year it’s like winter hasn’t even arrived yet (or maybe just made a couple cameos in my neighbourhood) and –although it’s lovely weather for biking and walking– I miss it.  I’m a winter kid! I was born in a blizzard in the middle of Canadian January and every fibre of my being loves slogging through the cold months. Winter is a time to reflect, to collect ideas and to gather friends over mulled wine. Who wants to drink mulled wine when it’s above zero? And skating outside feels strange when the sun is beaming down and a winter coat doesn’t even have to be worn…  Are you feeling okay this year? I know you don’t get as much respect as you deserve, but please visit soon? Don’t get me wrong– I love the sunshine and it makes everyone so happy! BUT I would love it so much more if it were shining down over me while I walked through the park crunching down on half a metre of snow.


Kat Burns


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