One Warm Saturday

A number of years ago, when I was a fresh face to this city, my friend Chantale and I went into the earring business. It was quite the endevour and we probably made a hundred pairs of dangling, sparkling earrings. It seemed like the perfect plan – we could be crafty and sell our crafty stuff, y’know? We used to drag a couple chairs and milk crates out to Kensington Market on Sundays and set up a ramshackle kiosk where we would shyly display our wares. It was such a rush when someone liked what we made or stopped and actually bought something.

Fast forward to almost seven (gah!) years later and now we have ways to sell things online that embody that ramshackle table without the hassle of dragging milk crates across six blocks; online communities now exist that thrive on the art of the handmade and the ethos that come alongside.

I’ve had an Etsy shop for a while but it needed an overhaul and a vision and a lot of things. I’d sort of let it fall to the wayside because, let’s face it, things get busy. But yesterday, my darling friend Chantale again helped me and we spent the afternoon photographing, styling and describing the jewellery I’ve been making lately. It’s been such a nice way to fill my time, finding broken and ugly pieces and dismantling them and re-imagining them into something beautiful. I really enjoy working with my hands and there is something about metals and chain that offer a great tactility to the finished product.

So please, if you have a few moments, check out my new home on Etsy called One Warm Saturday (the name derived from the beautiful short story by Dylan Thomas) and, as always, constructive comments are appreciated. xo


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