Lavinia Fontana and Recording [Again]

Portrait of a Prelate, from late 1500s – Lavinia Fontana.
(14cm diameter on copper)

Wolfgirl – Lavinia Fontana.

Self-Portrait at the Clavichord with A Servant – Lavinia Fontana.

I’m generally not the hugest fan of Renaissance art, but Lavinia Fontana is the exception. The daughter of an artist and teacher, she started out painting portraits of all the rich people in her town. She has over a hundred paintings attributed to her which was fairly prolific – especially for a women at the time. She married and had eleven children of which 8 died before she did. She stuck fairly close to the style of the times but had some interesting models. Like that wolf girl up there. Imagined or a real subject sitting for her? Her portraits always seem to have these weird smiling eyes. Like they’re all in on a joke.  Except Wolf Girl, she sort of seems like she’s just looking right through you…

I’m back in the studio (yay!) recording another record. This is the second one this year but I feel good about that. We’re making plans, setting goals and trying to figure everything out. It’s a changing time; a time where everything can be whatever I want it to be. Sometimes making decisions isn’t fun but other times it’s tremendously exciting. I’m ready for this ride…



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