Girls Rock Camp TO totally Rocked!

This past week I had the fantastic opportunity to be a guitar instructor and band coach for Girls Rock Camp, right here in Toronto. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wish something like this existed when I was a kid. I was way too shy in high school to even tell people I owned a guitar, let alone be in a band, and I didn’t really know any other girls that played music outside of school. In my town we rarely had local shows that featured girl musicians (the exception was Jersey and I loved that band) and I really had no cool rock girl peers to look up to.  All that said, this week I met so many young girls that had unstoppable confidence that I ended the week feeling totally inspired and, in a way, a little nostalgic that I wasn’t able to tap into a similar enthusiasm when I was a teenager. As a band coach I co-mentored them while they learned how to write a song together, work with eachother’s strengths and play their first rock concert.  It was totally awesome! I can only hope that this week signifies a personal shift for each of those girls; hopefully the experience can be carried with them through the inevitable forthcoming shit-storm that high school can be. I’m looking forward to seeing how Girls Rock Camp grows and a big thanks goes out to the directors for having me be a part of it this year!


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