New Video: KASHKA – Vichada

I am very interested in the effects of darkness and light on the viewer and their inherent associations with good and evil/weight and weightlessness. I’m a big fan of shadow puppetry and dance troupes such as Pilobolus [link] and believe that simple and stark images can be quite powerful. I wanted to try my hand with a video that reflected what I enjoy visually, while reflecting the intensity of the song. I’m happy with the results! Vichada is a song -a song that is close to my heart- that needed a video that was equally emotional, raw and dark. A borrowed camera, some adventurous friends, and a makeshift set in my kitchen all contributed to what you’re watching above. Thanks for watching! xkb

(FYI Exclaim premiered the video last week and has a run down of some upcoming tour dates.)


Whatcha thinkin?

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