Poland, here I come.

I am leaving for Poland today! I have been preparing for a few months now and, although my Polish vocabulary is at about a three year old’s level (I can point at things and name them!), I’m confident I’ll pick some up while I am over there.

I’ll be taking part in an exciting mentorship with one of my favourite Polish bands, Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja (St. Nicholas Orchestra in English). I will be sitting in on some of their rehearsals and get a chance to talk about making contemporary music using traditional instruments and sentiments. It’s part of a larger exploration of folk music that I’m embarking on over the next month or so; I am curious about traditional melodies and hymn-like qualities that continue to be refelected in contemporary music, no matter the genre.

I’ll be updating my blog as I go, so if you are wondering, “where in the world is Carmen SanDiego   Kat Burns”, check back often.
Three cheers for adventure!

Do wedzenia,


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