I’m nominated for an award, cool!


Oh hey, I’m a SoundClash Award Finalist!! The SoundClash Music Award is an annual live music competition for “cutting-edge, forward-thinking artists from all genres”. I am more than honoured (!!) to be one of five finalists from almost 300 nominations. The award is half jury based and half audience voted. If you could take a moment and vote for me, I would really appreciate your support! It’s always a little hard to ask for help, but you can really help by voting! You can vote once a day per IP address, from June 10th til July 23rd. Please vote often, and encourage your friends to vote, too!  VOTE HERE! 

And, deep breath in, I’d like to briefly touch on the recent passing of a much loved friend and community member, Chris Levoir. He was a staple in my early music life, being one of the first people to encourage me to pursue songwriting. He was a man whose way with words always astonished. Brevity is the language of poetry, and Chris was a poet. A staunch and honest support, he was ever so helpful in getting me to where I am today in this crazy music industry. He will be so very sorely missed. I could write ten pages of memories but it feels better to keep those fond things to myself. Please go listen to his music and let him live on through song.



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