Acoustic Version of ‘Grain of Salt’

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to join Post City for an acoustic session in Sunnyside Park, here in Toronto. The media outlet has been doing a series of musicians performing in local parks, and I was honoured to be asked to be a part of it. Here I perform my song, “Grain of Salt” -which appears on Bound- as a stripped back acoustic version, set to the rhythm of Lake Ontario lapping behind me. The blog post is below the video if you’d like to read for context.

Kat Burns – Grain of Salt from City Hughes on Vimeo.

From the Post City blog:

“Kat Burns is charming, and more than a little flexible, which helps when our video shoot moves from the very noisy but fun Dufferin Grove Park all the way down to the idyllic shores of Lake Ontario. And lucky thing we did; Burns’ easy-breezy tunes are a perfect fit for the lakeside locale.

We set up shop on a little stretch of rocky shoreline in Sunnyside Park, far away from the hubbub of the massive pool filled with the sounds of summer (kids screaming) yet surrounded by a surprisingly high number of curious waterfowl.

Burns is, of course, the creative force behind the now-defunct Forest City Lovers and her new(ish) project Kashka, which released their second album Bound late in 2013. She is also set to embark on her first solo tour, details of which are on her website.

For this video, Burns plays the lovely song “Grain Of Salt,” off Bound. Enjoy!”


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