The photo above is from a beautiful farmstead that I played at last weekend, in eastern Ontario. It was one of the most special nights. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I love touring and performing live. After jotting down a list I realised that, at the heart of things, I love meeting […]

My Oh Monday (On Wednesday now? Jeez.)

I’ll try harder for next Monday. Weekly recap,  go: 1. The Heat Wave  I couldn’t write anything about last week without mentioning the extreme heat that blanketed  a lot of North America. Holy smokes, Toronto was boiling. Even on the island it was a scorcher and I felt the most strange hot breeze blowing across the […]

My Oh Monday

I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis, everything from random individuals to vintage shop collectives. It’s a way to get inspired, learn new things and realise that my life is not the most interesting out there. Keeps you in check, y’know? I love knowing what gets people excited; what they feel is worth […]